The First Minister’s Reading Challenge Celebration Event

We were delighted to be invited back to Edinburgh to showcase our work, for the second year, as part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge. A group of pupils attended the event and we shared our work with the First Minister, a Scots translator, other schools and many other visitors. We are very proud of our hard work and being able to share this with others. Pupils enjoyed taking part in a draw along with the illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones. The pupils were a credit to the school and we are very proud of them.

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Track and Field Finals 20.06.18

Well done to all of the Primary 6 and 7 pupils who took part in the Track and Field finals. P7 girls relay 3rd place, P7 long jump and 100m 2nd place, P6 long jump 1st place and P6 javelin 1st place. The P6 long jump and P6 javelin winner achieved new personal bests for South Lanarkshire. Well done!

Primary 3 and 4/3 – The Art Gallery

IMG_1398 a IMG_1438 a IMG_1446 a IMG_1452 aPrimary 3 and 4/3 had an exciting afternoon when they showcased their art work to family and friends as part of an Enterprise initiative.  The pupils have all had the opportunity to learn about different artists and experiment with different media and techniques to create their own art work.  The artists they learned about included Romero Britto, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Rennie Mackintosh.  The pupils then decided to create an art gallery to display their work and allow their family and friends the opportunity to purchase their art.  Through this Enterprise they used a range of Learning, Life and Work skills to ensure their afternoon went off without a hitch.  Having written letters to local shops in the area the pupils were delighted to receive donations from Shop Smart, The Co-op and SAS Local Store.  These donations were used to serve refreshments to the guests and as prizes for a raffle.  After counting the money and deducting costs for frames etc. the pupils are overjoyed to announce that they have raised almost £200!  This money will be donated to charity.

Well done Primary 3 and 4/3

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