Halloween Disco 30.10.18

Primary 1 to 7 had the opportunity to participate in a Halloween disco full of dancing, fun and games! Thank you to the Parent Council for planning and organising the Halloween discos. Thank you also to those who volunteered to help set up, tidy up and help to supervise the discos.

Playground Activity Leaders and P2 Lunch Club

Thank you to our Primary 6 Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) for leading the Tuesday/Wednesday P2 lunchtime games club this term. This is the last week for Primary 2 pupils. Thank you to Clare, our Active Schools Coordinator, for helping to train the P6 pupils.

  • “I enjoyed throwing beanbags into a hoop.” (P2 Pupil)
  • “I liked when we did the animal races.” (P2 Pupil)
  • “I enjoy getting the P2s fit and it gets us ready if we ever want to be a PE teacher in later life.” (P6 Pupil)
  • “I enjoy getting the help the wee ones play.” (P6 Pupil)

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