Forest Schools

Blackwood Primary and Nursery Forest School Handbook

Term 1 Forest Schools

This term all of Primary 4 are taking part in weekly Forest School sessions with Mr Dickson, Mrs C. Forbes, Miss Stewart and Mrs R. Forbes. We are out 3 times a week and spend our whole morning in the forest. We walk along to our Forest School site and always start our sessions by doing a risk assessment looking for hazards up high, at head height and on the ground. This helps us to stay safe. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for more information on what we are getting up to.

We are getting lots of learning experiences from our time at Forest Schools including, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and Maths.


On a day that your child is attending Forest Schools please make sure they arrive at school wearing their old clothes and waterproof clothing if it likely to be wet. Your child should bring their school uniform so that they can change when we return to school.

A small healthy snack and water bottle can be brought but we will be cooking over our campfire some days.

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