Keeping Children Safe – Look, Think, Act Campaign

This term the Care Inspectorate have launched a campaign to help keep children safe by raising awareness of how, and why, they could leave a childcare setting without a responsible adult

As a result they have introduced Simoa, the elephant, to all ELC settings, to safeguard, protect and support children’s wellbeing.

Simoa always remembers:

Be alert to all potential risks in your setting.

Look around and inspect the environment to make sure a child can’t leave an area without staff or their parent/carer.

Regularly check that all children are accounted for particularly when they are outside, on outings or using transport.

Observe children and think about their feelings and emotional security – use these observations to support children to feel loved and secure.

Assess and take action to keep children safe.

A link to the poster introducing Simoa can be found below. The poster is currently displayed both within our nursery and at the nursery front entrance.