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Website Privacy & User Policy

Privacy Notice – PN1 Education Resources – general privacy notice (Aug 2018)

Parents / Carers can opt out of having their child’s photo appear on the website, the form for this is issued to all Parents / Carers at the start of each school session. ¬†Should you wish to change your options at any time, please contact the school office. ¬†We have an exclusion list in the school office for all children who do not have permission to be included on the website. As a rule it is our policy that children who are featured on the website will not have their photo and full name appear together

Our website DOES NOT use cookies.

Third Party Website Links
We have included links to many different websites throughout our website Blackwood Primary School is not responsible for any of these sites and the caution should always be taken when visiting a new website.

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You will requrie Adobe Reader to view documents on our website.